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Step 1 – Determine Your Needs

The first step in the dumpster rental process involves determining how much waste the construction project is going to generate. When this consideration becomes a certainty, one will know what size dumpster to rent in addition to how many dumpsters will be required. Given that size and the number of dumpsters are two of the most determining factors of price, having a general understanding of your rental needs is critical.

Step 2 – Find a Reliable Provider

It is not at all difficult to find a dumpster rental service provider in your area. Given that the service is fairly basic, most providers offer similar selections and prices. In most cases, a dumpster can be anywhere from 20 to 100 feet in length and 15 to 60 feet in width. These sizes are standard and are usually included in a reputable provider’s regular inventory. It is important to realize that not all providers service all areas. Therefore, when researching, it is imperative that one understands a servicer’s boundaries. Bear in mind that service providers incur notable costs to transport dumpsters to and from locations, meaning that it is usually most logical to choose a provider that is closest to you.

Step 3 – Select a Dumpster Type

Usually, there are two dumpsters one can choose from: roll-off dumpsters and front load dumpsters. For the most part, front load dumpsters are for permanent service, such as behind a store or restaurant. Usually for home or business construction jobs, a roll off container is what is needed.

Step 4 – Analyze the Contract Terms

A number of conditions specified in the contract can lead to undesired costs for a renter. For instance, if too much waste is placed in the dumpster it can result in higher charges. Given that the service providers have to dump the waste at a landfill site, it is not surprising that the cost of additional waste is passed on to customers. Several organizations, such as the environmental protection agency, have set standards regarding how much waste can be disposed of in a given time period. Make sure you ask about overage fees before going ahead with the dumpster rental.

Step 5 – Make the Purchase

Now that all the decisions have been made, there is no reason not to pay for dumpster rentals. Once a payment is received, usually by credit card, it should take no more than 24-48 hours for the dumpster to be delivered to the specified site. Before the dumpster can be delivered, the provider will have to verify that it has the unit available. If special delivery is required, it must be noted during the order process.

Dumpster Rental Tips

If need to rent a roll-off container for any reason such as a remodelling or renovation project, we’ve created this simple guide to give you a hand. While this isn’t overly complicated, understanding what information you need to provide and what questions you should ask will certainly make the process more efficient and ultimately cost you less time and money.

There are three simple steps that you will want to follow. The first is gathering the information you will need to provide each company when requesting a price quote.

Second, there are specific questions you should ask of each company to help ensure you don’t incur any additional fees or penalties beyond the price you are quoted.

Lastly, picking a good location and properly preparing the site where the canister will be placed will make your project more efficient and help avoid any potential damage to your property.

Getting Organized Before Calling For Price Quotes

Taking a few moments to gather the information that each company will require to be able to provide a price quote is time well spent. You will need to provide three basic pieces of information to every company you request a price quote from.

The first thing they are going to want to know is the type of waste material you will be putting in the canister and how much of it there will be. This will help them provide a recommendation on the most appropriate sized canister for your situation. Most roll off rental companies can provide four sizes – 10, 20, 30, and 40 yards.

If there is some uncertainty about the appropriate size for your project it is recommended that you choose the larger of the sizes under consideration as to avoid ultimately needing to rent two containers if the first turns out not to be large enough.

Understanding the type of waste material you will be disposing of will also allow the companies to make sure you are aware types of materials that are prohibited from disposed of.

Once you know what size canister you need, you will need to provide the rental company with the specific delivery date you require for your project and how many days you will need to keep the unit. This will allow each company to check their inventory and make sure they have a the size container you require available on the dates that you need it.

Because all companies have limited inventory it is best to organize this information and contact the rental companies at least one week in advance to get price quotes and schedule your delivery.

Getting Price Quotes

Now that you’ve gathered all the information you’ll need to provide to receive price quotes its best to put together a list of reputable companies to contact. The simplest way to get the names of some reputable companies is to ask friends, neighbours, or any contractors you may know for a recommendation.

It is also quite easy to use the Internet to identify companies who have received positive reviews from past customers, and while online check their rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Once you have your list together you will need to call each company to get a price quote. In addition to providing them with the information you have organized and getting a price quote there are a few other questions your might want to ask.

Prices can be quoted in several different ways and you’re going to want to make sure you have a firm price quote, and understand any possible additional fees or penalties. While some companies quote prices based solely on the size of the canister others quote prices based on the size of the canister and have a weight limit. Be sure to ask each company if there is a weight limit on the price quoted and if so what are the additional fees if you were to go over that limit.

Also, when a company takes your canister to the landfill there will certainly be landfill charges. You should definitely ask if the price quoted includes landfill charges or are they an additional fee above and beyond the price quoted.

Beyond weight and landfill fees there is also the potential for additional costs in the form of penalties. Penalties are most often associated with disposing of prohibited materials in the canister, so it is always a good idea to ask each company for a list of prohibited items.

There may also be penalties if it becomes necessary for you to keep the canister for longer than the amount of time you have scheduled. So it’s always a good idea to ask each company ahead of time if there are additional costs for keeping the canister longer than scheduled.

Once you’ve gathered your list of potential rental companies and have received price quotes from each as well as understand the likelihood of additional fees and penalties for each company you will be in a position to make a much more informed decision.

Arrival Day – What To Do When Your Roll Off Arrives

You’ve picked your company, scheduled delivery, and now you need to prepare the site where your canister will be placed. It is important that the delivery driver have easy access to the location.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you plan on having the container placed on the street it may be necessary to get a permit from the city offices.

If you’re going to have the container located on your property it is definitely a good idea to not have it placed on any soft ground or grassy areas. As the canisters are quite heavy and can do significant damage if not properly supported.

Even if you are having the canister placed on your asphalt or concrete driveway it is a good idea to have some plywood available to place under the roll off containers wheels to help prevent any damage to your driveway.

Once you start filling the container it is recommended that you not fill it more than 75% of the way full and definitely not higher than the canister’s walls. As the driver will need to cover the canister as they transported to the landfill.

So there you have it, a simple process of gathering the information you need to provide to the rental companies. A few questions you need to ask in addition to the standard price quote to make sure you get not only the best price but avoid any potential additional fees and penalties. And a few things you need to do to make sure that the site where the canister will be located is properly prepared to avoid doing any damage to your property.

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